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Flare Audio Quadhorn Q12 and Q15

Bass enclosures

What is it?A pair of speakers designed as compact versions of Flare Audio’s Quadhorn bass enclosures to meet demand from smaller venues, touring artists etc.DetailsThe Q12 and Q15 use the same principles of “waveform integrity” and Nanoflow technology developed for the Q18 – the original Quadhorn enclosure. The new models employ (respectively) double 12” and double 15” custom neodymium drivers in compact bass enclosures constructed from birch ply and press formed for increased strength. Said to deliver powerful, accurate bass, Q12 and Q15 enclosures are a fraction of the size and weight of typical double bass cabinets, with a minimal footprint and an integrated ‘top hat’ allowing other loudspeakers to be mounted on a straight speaker pole above.Designed with tourability and a small installation footprint in mind, the Q12 and Q15 bass systems can be used in conjunction with Flare’s Triwave product range – which combines point source, line source and line array technologies – or V Series compact speakers. Offering a 4 ohm load, the 1.8kW Q12 and 2kW Q15 models both operate across an 18Hz – 250Hz frequency range and can also be used to supplement large venue installations. They are supplied in a choice of finishes suitable for touring, installation and studio environments.And another thing…QH-LD Locking discs are used when stacking multiple Quadhorn bass speakers. Fitting into the recessed circles located in the corners of the enclosures, they offer accurate alignment and prevent any movement when in use.