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First UK installation of Yamaha CL5 console

Nottingham Rock City’s Rescue Rooms has seen the first UK installation of a Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console, supplied by SSE Audio Group.

The Rescue Rooms, part of the Nottingham Rock City venue complex, has seen the first UK installation of a Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console as part of a major refurbishment. SSE Audio group supplied and installed the new desk. The revamp saw a number of changes made to the venue’s layout last year and, with owner Daybrook House Promotions (DHP) keen to match it with a significant technical upgrade, SSE was called in to assist. “The old system had been outdated for a little while and with DHP’s experience of running venues they soon realised that the cost of an upgrade would be a worthwhile investment. This would not only improve visitor experience of the venue, but also to reduce day to day technical maintenance costs,” said SSE sales manager Alex Penn. “The choice of digital console for front of house was the subject of very careful consideration but, at a visit to PLASA Focus this year, DHP group tech manager Dave McVea and Rescue Rooms technical manager Stephen Martin were very impressed by the CL5.” McVea and Martin took a number of the venue’s technical staff to SSE’s CL series training day in May, for some “hands-on” experience. “We liked the fact that it’s a great-sounding Yamaha console with exciting new features like the Premium Rack,” said McVea. “The fact that everyone will know how to use the CL5, because of its Centralogic user interface, is very beneficial. The multitrack recording capability ‘out of the box’ is another very exciting feature.” Meanwhile, a Yamaha DME4i/o-C has been installed to extend the DME network already operating at the venue, allowing audio from any of the three performance spaces – Rock City, Rescue Rooms and the Black Cherry Lounge – to be routed to any or all of the other areas.