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FBT Audio Vertus CLA

Line array column and sub

What is it?An compact, active line array column designed for musicians, DJs and architectural installers.DetailsThe complete Vertus CLA system combines the CLA 604A bi-amplified, two-way active column speaker with the CLA 208SA active subwoofer. The CLA 604A’s cylindrical wave front is said to offer precise, forwardly-projected sound without the reverberation typical of traditional speaker systems which direct unnecessary acoustic energy at ceilings and floors. Its lightweight, modular design makes it suitable for both touring and fixed live installations, whilst its thin, long form allows for integration into any environment in a discrete, non-invasive way. The CLA604a is housed in an extruded aluminium column fitted with six 4” custom neodymium woofers and four neodymium dome tweeters, each coupled to a wave guide. 400W + 100W Class D amplification, switch mode power supply, DSP processor and four equalisation presets are said to deliver appropriate sound in any condition. The modular design allows doubling-up of CLA 604A modules to form a unified column with an absolute and coherent source. The CLA 208SA subwoofer incorporates dual 8” drivers in a bass-reflex, birch ply enclosure. A Class D amplifier delivers 600W and is supported by a switch mode power supply and a DSP processor offering filtering functions, equalisation and speaker protection. The enclosure serves as the base support for the CLA604a column speaker which can either be front mounted to the sub, or fixed upon the optional stand through the M20 socket on the top.And another thing… The internal XLR signal link system and Neutrik powerCON connectors on both the sub and the satellite, allow wires and cables to be hidden, preserving the system’s clean lines.