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Fantastic: EM Acoustics and DiGiCo at the Royal Albert Hall

The UK premiere of Disney’s Fantasia: Live in Concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall launched EM Acoustics new HALO Compact system, and was mixed on a DiGiCo SD5 console.

Disney’s Fantasia: Live in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall showcased selections from both the original Fantasia and Disney’s Fantasia 2000, while accompanied by a live underscore performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The premiere of the performance doubled as the launch of EM Acoustics’ new Halo Compact line array system. Surrey-based Sound by Design provided the new line array, deploying two main L/R hangs of two Halo-CS and 12 Halo-C enclosures per side, supplemented by four EMS-61s as front fills, four EMS-81X for the stalls, two EMS-122w for circle fills and three MSE-218 subs in cardioid array under the stage. Sound engineer Phil Wright (pictured) mixed the event. He commented on the performance of EM Acoustics’ new system: “I can say without a shadow of a doubt that HALO Compact is simply the best-sounding system I’ve ever mixed on. The transparency, linearity and headroom that EM Acoustics have achieved with this product is quite simply amazing.” “They’ve hit the nail on the head with these new drivers, and Ed [Kinsella]’s attention to detail with the crossovers and system directivity has resulted in by far the smoothest system coverage we’ve ever achieved in the RAH,” Wright added. “I hope they’re gearing up for major production of this product, because when the word gets out, they’re not going to be able to build it fast enough!” Wright mixed the show on Sound by Design’s new DiGiCo SD5 console. “I brought tc M3000 and Lexicon PCM91 reverbs with me and I never even turned them on, because the SD5’s hall reverbs are so good. I was mixing a full orchestra and the desk was nowhere near its full capacity.” “It was a great show to mix. There was no dialogue, no playback – just lovely music to iconic images,” said Wright. “Everyone was a winner.”