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FaitalPRO harnesses solar power for production

Italian professional loudspeaker company FaitalPRO has added a large solar panel installation to its production plant in Chieve. The photovoltaic system required an investment of nearly €500,000 from Faital.

Faital has chosen it’s manufacturing plant in Chieve, where its pro-audio division resides, as the site to inaugurate a powerful new photovoltaic system costing nearly €500,000. Faital has stated that on a power consumption level, the new installation is aligned with the global policy for energy savings, designed to cover 40% of the plant’s internal energy requirements. The new system will also prevent several tonnes of harmful CO2 from being dumped into the atmosphere every year. Flavio Naggi, Faital pro-audio division manager confirmed that “the system’s installed capacity is 199 KWp with an annual estimated contribution of 210,000 kWh, equivalent to about 40% of the Chieve plant’s current annual consumption. The official data indicates a significant savings of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, almost 111,000 kg per year, a saving of more than 2,000 metric tonnes over the next 20 years. Officially activated the last week of June, the system consists of 848 Sovello Pure Power L polycrystalline panels, 235 Wp each, and eight Delta Solivia 20TL inverters. Both the panels and the inverters were made in Germany, and have a lifespan of 25 years. Faital has endeavoured to stay ahead of the European Union’s environmental requirements, for which it has received ISO 14001 certification. The designation is exclusively bestowed on companies that voluntarily respect very stringent, specifically defined “environmental management requisites.”