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FaitalPRO 15XL1400

A 15” sub-woofer driver

What is it?
A 15” sub-woofer driver offering similar performance to the 18XLI500 but with a more compact chassis design.


Using the same magnet assembly and suspensions (the double spider and cone surround) as the 18XL1500 sub-woofer, the 15” 15XL1400 is capable of handling up to 1400W power. The smaller size is reflected in the slightly higher frequency tuning of the driver which is suitable for front-loaded reflex enclosures. Frequency response is quoted at 40Hz-2.5kHz at 97dB (1W/1m) sensitivity. Because it uses the same magnet assembly, voice coil and spiders as the larger speaker, overall weight is broadly similar to that of the 18XL1500 at 11.2kg.