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Evertz Xenon

What is it?A multi-format router design offering independent blocks of 32 inputs or outputs. DetailsXenon allows mixing of any supported formats – 3G/HD/SD/AES/analogue – and can be expanded to fill a 128 x 128 frame. Switching of up to 64 sources to 64 destinations is possible in a 4RU frame, or up to 128 sources to 128 destinations in an 8RU frame,. Additional input and output modules can be installed into the router at any time. An internal frame controller module is included, as standard, supporting four Q-Link ports, two Ethernet ports and two serial ports mounted on the rear of the router.
Xenon offers a number of other control options including a remote control panel (any panel from the Quartz range via Q-Link) and external third-party control (via an the router’s serial port). Power supply is internal: 4RU and 8RU frames can be fitted with an optional redundant power supply with separate AC power inlet and alarm output. By offering a format-independent data path, the Xenon supports signals from 3Mb/s up to 3Gb/s including SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, DVB-ASI, SMPTE 310M digital video formats as well as optical formats and other high data rate signals.
Balanced AES or unbalanced AES on BNCs are supported in any combination in blocks of 32 inputs or outputs. AES routing within Xenon is performed as mono channels so signals can be shuffled amongst AES pairs. Xenon also supports analogue audio I/O. Audio is converted and routed as digital so that analogue sources can route to AES destinations and AES sources can route to analogue destinations. Analogue blocks are in groups of 32 stereo pairs. The Xenon audio router can be expanded beyond a single 128 x 128 frame by cascading multiple frames together with an external interface for up to 8192 x 8192 mono audio channels within a single system.