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EV and Yamaha help celebrate German Unity

In November 1989, Germany began the process of opening the Berlin Wall, and reuniting the country. An Electro-Voice XLC line array and Yamaha CL5 contributed to this year’s celebrations in Munich.

Electro-Voice and Yamaha were on hand to mark the Day of German Unity at the beginning of October. Events were held in Munich this year, and attended by over 400,000 people who soaked up the celebrations in the area between the Siegestor, Ludwigstrasse and Odeonsplatz. Weilheim-based company TC Showtechnik handled the sound reinforcement at the stage in Odeonsplatz, opting for an Electro-Voice XLC line array comprising two hangs of eight XLC 127DVX elements each supplemented by three Xsubs per side and six more in the centre. Front fill was provided via six XLE 181 elements, while four PX1122 (tops) and XCS312 (subs) were deployed on each wing as side fills. Covering the 1.3km long Ludwigstrasse, German events specialists Neumann & Müller opted for a Yamaha CL5 system. “We had to provide continuous coverage, both for safely announcements and for the big closing event,” said project manager Johannes Pippig. “Covering a 1.3km long street was a challenge, but using a CL system with a Dante network made it a lot more straightforward than using any other system.” Two Dante networks with Gigabit switches were installed along the whole length of Ludwigstrasse (the second for full redundancy). Six Yamaha Rio3224-D I/O units were distributed along the network, which took microphone and line inputs from nine separate performance platforms and included stages at each end of Ludwigstrasse. “At an event with such a huge area to cover, the system was a very practical, easy and reliable solution,” added Pippig. “It worked perfectly throughout the event and we look forward to overcoming further large-scale challenges with it in the future.”