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European launch for Gepco

Despite a heavily saturated broadcast cable market, Gepco has partnered with IEWC to launch its range of fibre optic cables in Europe, writes Erica Basnicki.

American broadcast cable manufacturer Gepco International has partnered with cable and wire distributor IEWC to launch Gepco’s range of fibre optic cables and accessories to the European market.

The company is undaunted by a large number of pre-existing suppliers: “There are many suppliers in our market space, but there are very few who offer the unique product attributes of the Gepco range, coupled with the supply chain expertise and extended product offering provided by IEWC,” said Jeff Peters, Gepco’s international business development manager. “IEWC delivers not only a technical product solution, but looks to reduce our customers’ total cost of acquisition. Bearing in mind the constant fight to reduce budgets, this makes our combined offering one which many European customers are starting to take notice of.” General Cable, a $7.2 billion (€5.6 billion) cable manufacturing company, acquired Gepco in 2009. Its products have been distributed by IEWC in America for over 40 years. IEWC has committed its UK warehouse to fully stocking the entire Gepco fibre optic range, which includes 9.2mm, 12mm and 16mm hybrid, HD camera electrical cable, 3-channel fibre, single-mode and multi-mode, and single- and multi-mode tactical. “All Gepco’s products, including fibre, are designed and built for the specifications and working conditions that broadcasting demands,” said Graham Lay, European audio broadcast market specialist for IEWC. “The founder of Gepco was himself a sound engineer who simply had enough of hand-me-down cables that were noisy, unreliable and always seemed to fail at the most critical times. Gary (Geppert) got into designing and manufacturing cables 30 years ago because he understood the need for professionally designed broadcast standard products that did not compromise, which sums it up when it comes to Gepco’s quality and reliability.” With outdoor broadcast productions becoming both increasingly popular, and increasingly elaborate, the noise and attenuation experienced with copper cabling, as well as its inherent shock risk has seen more and more broadcasters turning to fibre optic cable as a solution. “Fibre optic systems are quickly becoming essential if we’re to keep pace with the bandwidth issues surrounding HDTV and 3DTV,” said Peters. “Today’s fibre products can handle the high-bandwidth data, deliver the clarity of signal and are easy to route, durable under a wide range of conditions and easily repaired when there’s the inevitable problem.”