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Euphonix System 5B

What is it?A digital mixing system designed specifically for on-air and live-to-tape broadcast applications. DetailsSystem 5B offers a modular control surface with channel strips and a centre section for master facilities and control of the Euphonix DSP Supercore. This includes DSP for channels, MADI I/O and a router, and handles 24-bit 48kHz or 96kHz audio (with up to 40-bit floating point processing). With hardware it is capable of even higher sample rates up to 384kHz. System 5B is modular up to 300 channels with 4-band EQ, dynamics and two filters for each. It offers up to 48 mix buses, 48 group buses, 24 auxiliary sends and 72 external inputs. High-res TFT displays are included at the top of each channel for metering (up to 5.1) EQ, dynamics and routing.
 The desk offers dynamic mix automation, machine control and can be fitted with the EuCon Hybrid option for control of multiple DAWs. Audio Interconnections use AES10 MADI (up to 64 channels of 24-bit digital audio data carried on a single coax or fibre). For interfacing, multi-channel digital and analogue converters, digital format converters (with sample rate conversion) and remote mic/line input amps are available. Cabling is simplified because converters can be placed next to the equipment they interface to.
 Operations such as system setup, file management, patching and diagnostics are managed through eMix software using a screen and keyboard. In addition, PatchNet – a digital patching system that handles patching for all the console’s inputs and outputs – replaces a traditional patchbay within a system that can store and recall every patch. For broadcast installations, Euphonix supplies a backup DSP SuperCore alongside the primary unit to provide full redundancy of MADI I/O, router and DSP processing. All audio signals are distributed to both the primary and backup DSP cores. If diagnostics detects a fault, the operator is notified and the system automatically switches the backup DSP online. Alternatively, the changeover can be set to manual mode, allowing the operator to select either DSP core at any time.