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Enco Systems HotShot

What is it?An audio playback package with a full-screen interface, said to combine ease of use and sufficient flexibility for any broadcast application. DetailsHotShot can be used with a mouse, touchscreen or Enco’s custom-designed HotShot button pad. It includes eight banks of 84 buttons and incorporates a full screen interface. The control surface is pre-labelled with colour-coded letters making it easy to link each button with a specific audio file. Enco’s HotShot USB control surface built into a metal case and incorporates high-quality switches designed for reliability over an extended lifespan. Buttons light to indicate the currently selected bank, regardless of whether the bank has been selected from the surface or the screen.The system is capable of playing up to four streams from four outputs for a total of 16 simultaneous audio files; outputs are assignable by column and are displayed on the screen. HotShot allows audio files to be dragged directly from any folder of a PC – local drive, CD/DVD, portable hard drive, network drive etc. It supports an autodetect mode that can preload banks with audio files found on any inserted media and also handles uncompressed PCM or MPEG2/MP3 compressed stereo and mono audio files plus wave-format extensible interleaved multichannel files for surround output.HotShot is housed in a 1U rack enclosure with four balanced analogue outputs and four AES/EBU outputs and comes complete with 500GB of storage, mouse and keyboard. A monitor is not included, but support is offered for any make or model of display offering a resolution of 1280×1024 or above.