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EM Acoustics X3

Horn-loaded PA speaker

What is it?A horn-loaded PA enclosure, suitable for use with EM Acoustic’s Quake subwoofer. DetailsThe X3 incorporates horn-loaded 15” LF and 8” mid-range drivers plus six 1” compression units mounted on a bespoke waveguide to provide a horizontal line source which may be combined to form arrays. Each X3 provides a 20° building block to make up the desired coverage angle (60° = 3 boxes, for example). Due to the HF manifold, each box combines seamlessly to the next, effectively creating a line array in the horizontal plane. The system is said to deliver predictable horizontal coverage in any application, particularly where high SPLs are required. According to EM Acoustics, each element is capable of delivering frequencies far in excess of the actual operating band to ensure smooth crossovers between drive units. For example, the low/mid horn has no parallel walls anywhere along its path and combined with the phase device loaded in front of the driver provides a flat response to well over 500Hz. The design also incorporates drive unit test system which uses a simple button-push on the rear of the enclosure to provide a clear visual indication of a malfunction in any of the eight drive units.