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EM Acoustics MSE Touring Series

Passive touring speakers

What is it?A pair of medium format passive speakers utilising EM’s latest crossover topologies and drive unit technology to compete with comparable bi-amplified or processing enclosures.DetailsMSE Touring Series speakers are suitable for FoH applications in small to medium-sized venues, or as powerful fill loudspeakers for larger systems. MSE-156 and MSE-159 enclosures are identical except for their (respective) 60º x 40º and 90º x 60º dispersion patterns. The two-way passive designs house 15” neodymium LF drivers with 4” voice coils, an internal passive crossover and a 4” diaphragm, 1.4-inch exit neodymium HF transducer. This drive unit is coupled with rotatable constant-coverage horn said to deliver a consistent response across its entire operating range/coverage pattern and high-level attenuation outside of this. The drive units are housed in rugged, compact, vented enclosures with integrated multi-use rigging plates allowing suspension in a variety of ways. The primary rigging system utilises keyhole plates and ball-lock pins to allow quick attachment or removal of hardware. A 35mm pole-mount socket is discreetly located on the underside of the enclosure for stand mounting. The design also incorporates two heavy-duty steel bar handles, a pair of Neutrik SpeakOn connectors for input and enclosure links plus a tough steel grille backed with acoustically transparent foam to protect the drive units but removable to rotate the HF waveguide if required. And another thing…Both models are available as self-powered versions – the MSE-156SP and MSE-159SP – incorporating a class-D design and DSP circuitry.