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EM Acoustics celebrates first Halo Compact install

Queen Mary, University of London has installed the very first EM Acoustics Halo Compact system in the Great Hall of its historic Queen’s Building in East London.

Following the high profile launch of the Halo Compact line array system at the Royal Albert Hall, EM Acoustics has announced the first ever installation of its new system at the historic Queen’s Building (formerly the People’s Palace) in East London as part of a £5.7 million (€7 million) renovation. Now owned by Queen Mary, University of London, the Queen’s Building is home to the 750-seat Great Hall. Stage Electrics’ Jamie Gosney provided the design and Martin Woodage project managing the installation. “The deadlines for this job were crazy!” said Gosney. “We came into the project quite late on, largely to see if we couldn’t supply an alternative to their existing quote which was very expensive. I knew that Ed and Mike were working on the Halo Compact system, and having heard all the initial trials, I was convinced that it would be a much better solution for the Great Hall than the proposal they had at the time. The issue was whether or not we could get them a demo in time, given that the boxes weren’t even built yet!!” The system installed into the Great Hall of the Queen’s Building comprises 12 Halo-C array elements and one Halo-CS subwoofer per side, one MSE-156 as far-field centre fill, one MSE-159 as near field centre fill, two EMS-215 subwoofers on stage, four i-2 front fills and four EMS-81X as spot loudspeakers/monitors. The whole system is powered by two AQ-3 amplifiers, and three AQ-10 amplifiers. “Without going into a lot of technical detail, Ed has managed to design a system based on the ribbon principle that genuinely produces a completely flat and continuous wavefront,” continued Gosney. “I think this system is a real gem and congratulations to Ed and Mike and all at EM Acoustics for having made it a reality.”