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Electro-Voice ZX1-Sub

Passive sub

What is it?A passive 12” subwoofer suited to both mobile applications and fixed installation.DetailsIdeal for use with EVID, ZX1 and EVU compact speaker systems, the ZX1-Sub is the latest addition to the compact, lightweight ZX speaker family. According to Electro-Voice, it offers the optimum combination of performance, portability and efficiency from a 12” EVS-12S woofer operating across a 53Hz – 125Hz (-3 dB) frequency range. The nominal impedance of the subwoofer is 8 ohms with maximum SPL quoted as 127dB. Said to combine reliable performance and durability in day-to-day use, the speaker is housed in a robust, 15mm internally-braced wooden enclosure with two side handles, a structured coating and a sturdy steel grille. The ZX1-Sub’s two recessed NL4-type connectors are wired in parallel, allowing the input signal to be looped through and making it possible to for the sub to operate with full-range speakers such as the ZX1 using a single amplifier channel. And another thing… With its compact dimensions (40 x 44 x 46 cm), the ZX1-Sub weighs-in a just under 20 kilos.