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Electro-Voice RE50B

What is it?A handheld interview microphone for use in broadcast applications by reporters and news correspondents. DetailOffering an omnidirectional polar pattern, the RE50B is dynamic microphone incorporating a high-mass zinc internal acoustic chamber and employing EV’s Dyna-Damp ‘mic-in-a-mic’ shock mount system to deliver “extremely low” handling and clothing noise and reduce the effects of ‘cord shock’. The mic’s transducer uses a unique mechanical nesting design, with each part positioned inside the other to become a virtually a solid structure. The design also includes a four-stage pop filter rendering it impervious to wind noise and plosive sounds and is also capable of withstanding high humidity, temperature extremes and corrosive salt air. Covering an 80Hz – 13kHz frequency range, the RE50B has a sensitivity of -55dBV (0dB = 1mW/Pa) and an impedance of 150 ohms. The mic is housed in an aluminium body 19.7cm long and 4.9cm (maximum) diameter and incorporates a grille which bounces back to retain its shape. Finished in non-reflective, semi-gloss black, it is said to be ideal for use in front of a camera and comes supplied with a ‘broadcast-type’ cable and Model 323 stand adapter.