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Electro-Voice RE-320

Dual-voice dynamic mic

What is it?A dynamic vocal/instrument microphone designed for both sound reinforcement and recording applications.DetailsSaid to offer extremely low noise and “the best possible” tonal and transient response, the cardioid RE-320 is suitable for use with a wide variety of vocal and instrument sources. According the Electro-Voice, the neodymium magnet design combines exception detail and dynamic response with a pleasing natural tone. Variable-D pattern control minimises positional and off-axis tonal shifts and is Electro-Voice’s solution to the tonal changes associated with the proximity effect. Providing balanced and uniform frequency response up to 180° off-axis, the result is a stable and linear tonal performance – even when the sound source is moving around the mic. The RE-320’s integrated humbucking coil and integral pop filters are said to provide virtually noiseless performance while the integral dual-voicing switch selects from two response curves: a 30Hz – 18kHz ‘kick’ curve and 45Hz – 18kHz ‘generic’ curve – allowing the same microphone to be used with a bass drum and offering a more neutral response when used for vocals and other instruments. Being the same dimensions as Electro-Voice’s existing RE20, the new models can be used with the optional accessories currently available such as the 309A shockmount and WSPL-2 windshield.And another thing…The RE-320 is supplied with a closed-cell foam lined rigid nylon case and mic stand