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Electro-Voice R300

Entry-level wireless system

What is it?An “entry-level professional” wireless microphone system. DetailsThe R300 system combines the R300 receiver, BP-300 bodypack and HT-300 transmitter. It incorporates Electro-Voice’s ClearScan technology – said to automatically find and select the clearest channel available with a single button push – and EZSsync – offering infrared channel transfer between receiver and transmitter for ease of setting up. The system operates across 32 preset channels, with compatible groups of eight channels for simultaneous use. Intended for both rack and table-top operation, the R300 receiver is designed to be simple to operate; using the APD4+ splitter, antenna and power feeds can be supplied to up to four receivers in one rack. The BP-300 bodypack operates on two AA batteries, capable of up to 14 hours continuous use. It features an audio mute function (which maintains the live RF signal) and a TA4 connector, compatible with all Electro-Voice lapel and head-worn microphones. The HT-300 transmitter is supplied with a PL22 dynamic microphone with a cardioid polar pattern suitable for vocal applications.