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Egyptian broadcast studio build for White Mark

White Mark’s latest project involved rebuilding the existing Nile Radio Productions facilities, and designing two recording studios based around a 48-channel SSL Duality.

UK studio acoustic and design consultancy White Mark has completed two radio studios and two recording studios for Nile Radio Productions (NRP) in Cairo. The project involved creating on-air and pre-production studios for its two radio stations, Nile FM and Nogoum FM, and designing two recording studios. The studios will be used by NRP to create original music content for the stations as well as making them accessible to both artists and producers in Egypt. “As NRP was redeveloping their premises, this was a major undertaking that required detailed coordination, design, build supervision and technical infrastructure from the outset,” said David Bell (pictured, left), managing director of White Mark. “Careful consideration had to be given to the detailed supervision of the Egyptian building company which was unfamiliar with the techniques required for this specialist project work. Scheduling also became a central issue as the two on-air stations had to continue broadcasting throughout the construction and have access to their commercials pre-production facilities. The new buildings are a significant improvement on the previous complex and detailed discussions were held as to the form the new rooms should take.” NRP’s new music studios feature a 48-channel SSL Duality, Pro Tools and an extensive range of analogue and outboard equipment. A small production room is equipped with Pro Tools and an Avid 24-channel C|24 control surface. Both rooms feature ATC and Adams monitoring and access to outboard equipment. Most of the equipment was brought in from NRP’s previous facilities and re-installed by UK company Langdale Technical. Set up of the facilities was handled by Jeff Marcedo (pictured, right), White Mark’s newly appointed agent for India and the Middle East. “The new facilities are truly world class and it has been a joy to be part of NRP’s project to empower local talent and bring it to the home audience,” added Bell. “The challenge of working with local contractors at the level of quality required for the facility to become what it is now should not be underestimated, but the excitement of the changes in the country provided a very relevant backdrop to the creation of a suite of rooms of which Egypt can be very proud.”