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Ecoluce delivers all the power under the sun

Ecoluce solar power systems have featured at two major low-environmental impact events in Italy, writes Nigel Lord.

The events took place at Festambiente in Rispescia, Grosseto; and the FIOM rally in Rome. At both, Ecoluce’s photovoltaic panels were used to charge batteries powering Proel Axiom sound systems; the Ecoluce technology providing continuously updated data on power consumption.
 The FIOM rally took place last October in Rome and hosted many public debates and speeches. The Proel system deployed for the event comprised 44 AX3210P modules. “Initially I intended to use only 12 systems per side,” explains sound designer Giordano Pastorini. “Once I checked the location and realised how unfavourable the position of the stage was, I realised I needed to add two systems per side in order to provide a projection of no less then 35-40m.The 5,000 people attending the Festambiente (Environment Festival) were treated to a compact Axiom system powered by Powersoft amps.

“I had to analyse the location very thoroughly,” explains Pastorini. “I needed to split the 15” subwoofers, therefore I hung two over and two under the clusters, thus obtaining even distribution of the low frequencies. With Powersoft K Series amplifiers we were able to use the Ecoluce system to guarantee high efficiency, great performance and low energy consumption.”