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Eclipse GT installed into French performance centre

Le Camji's staff and its equipment help to encourage and support local performers and young talent, so when the time came to upgrade, the performance centre needed to make a smart choice for its stars of the future.

Le Camji, a performance centre in the French city of Niort, has amplified its commitment to musicians by upgrading to an Eclipse GT Digital console from Innovason. The 320-seat auditorium hosts concerts from established artists as well as nurturing local talent and introducing young performers to modern technology. Poitiers-based integrator Agora Audio specified a system that could be networked into the console so that sound was adjustable for recording and playback – both during rehearsal and when musicians weren’t present at creation times. “Reheasal and practice with young and/or inexperienced groups is an important part of the function of Camji,” said Agora’s David Rocher. The Eclipse GT was seen to be the most appropriate solution based on its multitrack M.A.R.S feature, which enables a ‘virtual soundcheck’ at the touch of a button. “Camji hosts workshops on a number of different themes throughout the year,” continued Rocher. 

“It’s therefore a real advantage having a tool like the Eclipse to work with: it’s a great example of modern digital mixing technology at its finest, complete with multitrack recording, a huge range of digital audio networking possibilities and the ability to configure the console in any way you want. Furthermore, the sound quality is exceptional, and it’s incredibly compact and lightweight when you consider how powerful it is. It is a success at every level.”
Last year Innovason extended its customer support throughout Germany and France by adding experienced crew members to serve the two countries.