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EAW SBK Series

High-powered subs

What is it?A range of high-output subwoofers designed to complement EAW’s MK line of full-range enclosures. DetailsThe SBK Series comprises the SBK150 enclosure with a single 15” driver, the SBK180 with a single 18” driver and the SBK250 with dual 15” units. The design and dimensions of the enclosures are calculated to match the MK2300 and MK5300 speakers. The SBK150 is powered by a single 850W amplifier across a frequency range of 32Hz – 160Hz. The SBK180 covers a wider 28Hz – 139Hz range and is driven by a more powerful 950W amplifier while the dual SBK250 model delivers 1700W at frequencies from 32Hz – 160Hz An optional flybar allows two full-range MK enclosures to be hung on either side of an SBK using preconfigured and optimised splay angles. An additional flybar offers single or double pick points with pull back for a total array package, while an optional stinger provides selectable tilt to an array from a single pick point. All three SBK models employ optimal venting utilising the resonance of the enclosure to maximise low-frequency response. Each cabinet is equipped with multiple 3/8” mounting points for additional installation flexibility. Overall construction of the SBK Series matches that of all EAW enclosures and is protected by a heavy-duty latex paint finish.