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EAW MicroWedge8, MicroWedge10

Compact stage monitors

What is it?A pair of additions to EAW’s existing range of compact MicroWedge stage monitors. DetailsSaid to offer “clean, high-volume performance and a low-profile design”, MicroWedge series speakers allow coherent multi-wedge/multi-mix configurations for applications requiring extremely high vocal and instrument volume. Though smaller than the existing compact MicroWedge12 and MicroWedge15 models, the MicroWedge8 (MW8) and MicroWedge10 (MW10) are said to offer volume levels and voicing that rival 12” and 15” monitors. The enclosures are suitable for mid-to-high volume monitoring in live venues, houses of worship and theatres, etc and can also be used for edge-of-stage fill applications or mounted on the console meter bridge for front-of-house live monitoring. The design marries 8” and 10” woofers with a 3” (diaphragm) coaxially-mounted HF compression driver, providing “full yet controlled” 90º horizontal dispersion. According to EAW, both units provide enhanced size-to-performance ratio, feedback stability and low-frequency output in a compact design requiring less EQ or other forms of processing. Housed in Baltic birch cabinets, the MW8 and MW10 are protected with EAW’s proprietary RoadCoat finish – said to be resistant to dents and scratches – with a rugged steel grille capable of keeping its shape, even if stood on by performers.