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Compact speaker module

 What is it?A compact, lightweight KF Series speaker module suitable for corporate A/V, performing arts venues, houses of worship, ballrooms, theatres, theme parks, etc. DetailsThe KF200NT houses a single 10” woofer with a 2.5” voice coil and a coaxial mid-high driver section comprising an 8” MF driver with 2” voice coil and a 1.75” HF compression driver. It incorporates a matched 1500W amplifier plus EAW’s Focusing processing offering software-accessible DSP and proprietary U-Net network. Focusing prodcessing is designed to correct the sonic problems inherent in conventional compression driver phase plugs, horns and LF driver technology. According to EAW, it delivers sonic performance comparable to premium direct radiating studio monitors, but at much higher output levels. A range of accessories are available, helping to tailor the KF200NT to a broad range of applications and including both portable hardware and M10 installation points. Cabinet size is 0.5m (H) x 0.3m (W) x 0.31m (D).