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Dynacord’s new PowerMate

Latest compact PowerMate powered mixer delivers more power, USB connectivity and a lighter package than it's predecessor.

Dynacord has introduced a new member of the PowerMate family of powered mixers; the eight-channel PowerMate 600-3. Weighing only nine kilos, the compact mixer features a total output of over 2.000 watts via a Class D amplifier, XLR microphone inputs, stereo line channels, PC-MIDI interface and a nine-band master stereo equalizer. Dynacord’s dynamic limiting of the amplifiers’ maximum output power protects speakers from thermal overload, but still allows for user-made adjustments to the continuous power output whilst retaining full dynamic range. “With the ‘small’ eight-channel PowerMate, we are responding to an oft-expressed wish of our customers,” said Dynacord’s senior product manager, Martin Traut. “As is the case with all the PowerMates, even in this ultra-compact system every function group meets the highest concert sound requirements.”