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Duran Audio controls Open Source Festival

Duran Audio provided the PA equipment for this year’s Open Source Festival in Dusseldorf, using its in-house software to control its line systems and steerable line arrays, writes Paul Watson

Dutch Headquartered Duran Audio provided the PA systems for all three stages at this year’s Open Source Festival in Dusseldorf, using its WinControl and DDA software to control its AXYS line systems and steerable Target line arrays. The mixed music genre festival attracted over 3,000 visitors this year, tripling last year’s attendance. This was the fourth successive year that Duran Audio has provided the sound system. There were three stages in total: the main stage, the Carhartt stage, and the new bands stage. PCs with WinControl running were on all three stages, each overviewed by a Duran Audio System Tech. Duran Audio’s Uli Ritter says that using DDA (Digital Directive Analyser) software and having WinControl onsite was key in meeting the festival’s huge 99dB LEQ environmental noise restriction. “DDA calculates all the settings and WinControl uploads the files and changes them on the system,” says Ritter. “We managed to achieve an amazing 20dB reduction in the sub frequencies at the back of the Carhartt stage; and at the main stage we took even more out.” PA settings were set the day before the festival using DDA, but when the heavens opened mid-afternoon, the punters by the main stage ran for cover in the grandstand opposite, which meant adjustments had to be made – and quickly. Ritter reveals that due to WinControl, this posed no problem. “All we had to do was switch in the main PA system and adjust the throw of the line array into the grandstand,” he says. “We opened it up to a wider angle using one of the eight pre-configured presets; WinControl enabled us to do this in seconds.” The main stage PA was an AXYS Target line array system configured L/R: a hang of 7xT-280s and 7xB-215s each side; a mono sub block consisting of four pairs of B-121s with a single U-16 speaker on top; and a pair of T-2820s positioned L/R for frontfill. UFM monitor speakers were used on stage. The Carhaart stage PA was also an AXYS Target system: a hang of 8xU-16s each side and a stack of 5xB-215s per side in a cardioid set-up; a pair of U-16s were also used for the frontfills. The new bands stage consisted of a Source G2 system: 1xT07 sat on top of a pair of B-07s per side. All FOH consoles were by Crest: a GT, a GTX and an X8; and the main stage monitor desk was a Yamaha M7CL.