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Dubliners debut Sound Projects SPX-65

Irish folk band of almost five decades The Dubliners are the first band to tour with Sound Projects' SPX-65 loudspeakers, writes Marc Maes

Musical stalwarts The Dubliners, who will celebrate their 50th Anniversary next year, are currently on the road across Europe with rental and production company Audio International, debuting Sound Projects’ SPX-65 loudspeakers. “The Dubliners typically play in venues with capacities of between 1,200 to 3,000 people and I was looking for a system that was flexible enough to be used as ground stacks or be flown in a traditional line array,” comments Tom O’Brien, long-time chief FOH engineer with the band. “The Sound Projects SPX-65s afforded us the luxury of doing this with very little extra effort as the flying hardware can easily be adapted and used to ground stack the loudspeakers. The angling of the cabinets is simple and we are able to cover the smaller and medium auditoriums quite easily.” The SPX-65 is a logical complement to the SPX range of speaker systems – the newest addition is designed to fill the gap where a one-point source cabinet is not delivering the required SPL or coverage. “Because of its constant horizontal coverage angle of 65º and semi-curved 15º vertical radiation, it will deliver a flat slice of audio in the mid and higher frequencies. It is wide enough to be used as a single infill yet narrow enough to be used in multiples, a column or as a traditional-sized line array module,” comments Margien Dikken, of Netherlands-based Sound Projects. The SPX-65’s self-powered plug and play design avoids complex eternal speaker management – each unit houses one 12” mid/bass excursion driver and two 1” HF drivers, which are loaded on a double Wave-shape-transformer, terminated by a constant directivity horn with 65º horizontal and a 15º vertical dispersion.
 O’Brien adds that he chose the SPX-65s primarily on their sonic quality. “The response is very smooth throughout the vocal range with excellent intelligibility and a high SPL. As Irish folk music tells stories through song and music it is important that the audience understands the text. We were impressed with the coverage of the SPX-65s and we also like the fact that they are self-powered, which means not having to hump around heavy amp racks. All in all the SPX-65 is a great speaker with a lot going for it. The Dubliners have been on the road for 49 years and they do not want to be worrying about the logistics and complexities of touring a sound system, so they trust me to look after their FOH sound and have done for 23 years, but they do want their music heard!”