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DTL MiniBlox 4262D 3G-HD-SD

What is it?A quad de-embedder capable of extracting four AES audio streams (8 audio channels) from an SDI signal and outputting broadcast-quality balanced AES audio. DetailsThe 4262D 3G-HD-SD extracts audio from any two embedded audio groups and can be used in cascade with a second unit to enable de-embedding from all four available groups (16 audio channels). It automatically detects 3G, HD or 270Mb/s SD-SDI inputs and provides automatic input cable equalisation. The design incorporates two re-clocked SDI outputs and features input presence LEDs plus group status and power indicators. The device is said to be simple to use and configure using a set of DIP switches and a table of settings printed on the rear of the unit. On power-up, the unit automatically performs a short self-test indicated by flashing group LEDs. The signal LED will be green when there is power and a valid SDI signal present or red when there is power but no SDI signal. Two group LEDs light according to the groups selected by the DIP switches; LEDs are green if the unit is receiving a valid video signal and successfully de-embedding audio from that group, otherwise they are red. The 4262D 3G-HD-SD can be supplied with an optional XLR breakout cable (XLR to BNC adaptors are also available for unbalanced AES outputs) and requires an external power supply or a rack-mounting frame with a central supply. DTL produces an optional 1RU frame with space for up to 5 units and a larger 2U model that takes up to 14.