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DPA supports ‘King of Tango’ tribute tour

Famed accordionist Richard Galliano is currently touring the world with a quintet of musicians and DPA d:vote 4099 microphones to celebrate his mentor Astor Piazolla, the ‘King of Tango.’

Richard Galliano, a musician widely regarded as the world’s greatest living accordionist, is currently touring the world with a quintet of musicians to celebrate the life and works of his mentor, Astor Piazolla, the ‘King of Tango.’ For the tour, sound engineer Rémi Bourcereau has chosen eight DPA d:vote 4099 instrument microphones, using them on Galliano’s accordion and bandoneón and also for the violins, viola, double bass and cello played by Galliano’s quintet. For the piano, Bourcereau is using two DPA 2011C twin diaphragm cardioid microphones, which are positioned on a stereo bar. All of these microphones were bought from DPA’s French distributor Audio². “I first used DPA microphones a year ago on a different tour and was delighted with the results they gave me,” Bourcereau explained. “For this tour, we wanted the audience to feel as acoustically close to the instruments as possible and that is why I chose DPA. In close micing conditions they deliver a very natural sound, which is exactly what this type of music requires.” “We have attached the DPA d:vote 4099s to Richard’s accordion and bandoneón using magnetic piano holders with scratch tape wrapped around the clips for added security,” added Bourcereau. “Richard is really enjoying the sound he is getting from the DPA microphones and, because they are now his regular microphones, he is finding that he can always get the dynamic that he wants.”