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DPA kits out Leszek Mozdzer

Award-winning pianist Leszek Mozdzer has been using DPA stereo miking kits for his live performances, writes Paul Watson

Polish jazz pianist Leszek Mozdzer, a long-time DPA fan, has been using 3511 and 3506 stereo miking kits for his live piano solo and ensemble performances. The 39-year-old Gdansk Academy music graduate has been playing since the tender age of five; and has worked with a host of international musicians in his career including Buster Williams, Billy Harper and Archie Shepp, playing to audiences of up to 15,000 people. “DPA microphones transfer the sound very faithfully,” says Mozdzer. “The microphones reproduce everything that is going on while playing; the whole mechanism of the piano.” The 3511 kit includes a pair of matched DPA 4011-TL cardioid mics, which are linear in their frequency response suited to close and distant mic placement; and the 3506 kit consists of two 4006-TL omni mics which are high-sensitivity, and designed to provide a true reproduction. Mozdzer says that although the mics have the same tone, the ambience can be different; and that he manipulates the mic arrangement and placement to achieve the range of sounds he desires. “Cardioid mics such as the 4011 concentrate on the source and are good for close miking, giving less of the room’s tone compared to omni mics,” he explains. “For a wider, natural capture, we use the 4006s.”