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Domino’s deliver safety through sound

Specially recorded 'vocal' engine sounds are effective at alerting pedestrians to a scooter’s approach – while making them laugh too.

There is ongoing debate as to what electric cars should be made to sound like as the ultra-quiet vehicles pose a serious threat to pedestrian safety in their current, nearly-silent form. No one is taking this debate more seriously than Domino’s Pizza in the Netherlands. Yes that’s right: Domino’s Pizza. The fast-food pizza chain has developed a sound for their electric delivery scooters, making them audible to pedestrians and other road users. Not only has it proven to be effective, but the branded sounds are delivered with a large side-order of humour. “We have chosen a sound that fits our product. Not just any engine sound and irritating horn, but a happy message,” says Domino’s marketing manager Carolien ten Cate. “When the delivery person honks it sound like ‘lekker lekker’, meaning ‘tasty tasty’. A stationary engine sounds like ‘Domino’s, Domino’s, Do-do-domino’s, Domino’s’, and accelerating sounds like ‘mmmmmmmmmmm lekker!’. And no, it’s not an April fool: Check out the official YouTube video.