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Discount period closing for Lisson Grove’s R-124

New boutique pro-audio brand Lisson Grove will soon up the price of its R-124 valve compressor to full retail

As of March 1st, the price of Lisson Grove’s hand-crafted variable-gain R-124 unit will rise to $5,495 (£3,400/€4,020); and if users want to get hold of the company’s debut product at the initial discounted list price, they are advised to get in contact with its exclusive US distributor Vintage King Audio ( before the end of February. The new Los Angeles-headquartered company is dedicated to bringing back the finest studio sounds of a bygone era. Its R-124 all-tube compressor is based on the classic British ‘60s units that were used extensively on The Beatles’ recordings, and has received high acclaim from producer/engineers Nigel Godrich and Jack Joseph Puig. Reverse-engineered from a highly modified Altec 436 original, the R-124 was designed to comprise the same compression characteristics of the vintage piece of kit whilst benefitting from the increased reliability and performance of its modern components. Read more about the thinking behind Lisson Grove in PSNE’s exclusive interview with founder (and Grammy Award-winning mixer/producer/engineer) Hugo Nicolson which will appear in April’s issue.