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Digital Pro records classic Hungarian Opera

Digital Pro has recorded legendary Hungarian composer Ferenc Erkel’s opera Bank Ban which was first performed 150 years ago

Budapest headquartered Digital Pro has recorded the original version of the very first Hungarian opera classic Bank Ban with the Hungarian State Opera, which has just announced the release of a 3-disc CD containing all 145 minutes of the opera’s tree acts. The remote recording was made between 3rd and 9th January this year at the Hungarian State Opera’s rehearsal room where a temporary control room was built. The DAW set-up comprised of a Pro Tools HD4 Accel rig (3x 192 I/O in a Magna chassis) and a Brainstorm BCD-8 central clock generator; and the performance was recorded in high-res (88.2 kHz/24-bit) format by engineer Istvan Matok and producer Laszlo Matz. “We used D-Command to control the Pro Tools HD9 set-up,” explains Matok, who is also Digital Pro’s managing director. “And DigiDesign PMC RM2 active speakers and Sennheiser HD650 headphones for monitoring.” A number of mics were used on the Hungarian State Opera choir and orchestra, which was conducted by Domonkos Heja: sE Electronics RT1 ribbon mics were assigned to the brass and woodwind sections; AKG 451s on the strings; Shure MK27s on the Cellos; and an AKG C414 on the bass. A Beyer MD130 ribbon was chosen for the harp and for percussion and timpani drums, Sennheiser MD421s were deployed. On the soloists, Neumann TLM 103s, AKG C414s and Shure KM44s were used; for the large choir, sE Electronics 4400as and Schoeps; and for the small male choir, Calrec CM2151Cs. There will also be a downloadable version of the Bank Ban recording, which is expected to be released shortly.