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Digital Audio Denmark AX24

What is it?A 2 to 8 channel analogue to digital audio converter system. DetailsThe AX24 is a multi-bit converter and modulator design using a 5-bit delta/sigma modulator. A modular system, it offers A/D and D/A conversion and 224 different configurations with 2-8 analogue line or mic input channels and 2-8 analogue output channels. 24-bit PCM sample rates are available up to 384 kHz and the unit offers a DXD sample rate of 352.8 kHz and DSD sample rates of 64fs and 128fs. Digital I/O includes MADI, AES3, S/PDIF, TDIF and Pro Tools formats plus digital DSD format compatible with MADI and SDIF-3. The AX24 allows users to configure the number of line and mic channels required at a given sample rate. Analogue I/O channels can be expanded in pairs of two. The mic pre design offers analogue gain in 3dB steps and digital gain is also available. Dynamic range falls between 118dB and 121dB and the mic pre equivalent noise floor is quoted at -130 dB. The unit is fully remote controllable via RS-422, USB or Ethernet and its mic pre controls can be represented on the channel strip of major consoles and work stations. The MADI interface supports all the AX24’s sampling formats and can be daisy chained for connecting more converters to the same MADI link. The interface and converter are capable of accessing any of the 64 MADI channels in any configuration in blocks of eight. The built-in PLL circuit is capable of correcting for minor variations in the external sync clock signal. If a digital output is chosen with the DA source button and the digital input is out of sync, the red Sync alarm LED will flash to ensure that the whole recording system is