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DAS Audio Rf Series

Passive subs

What is it?A pair of subwoofers designed for use in both permanent installations and mobile systems.DetailsThe RF-118 and RF-218 are both passive systems housed in birch ply enclosures with black Iso-Flex painted exteriors. The RF-118 subwoofer measures 33” x 23.6” x 25.8” and incorporates a single 18” LF transducer in a rear-loaded horn bass configuration. The system boasts 1kW (RMS) power handling with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and a frequency range of 45Hz – 160Hz. On-axis sensitivity is quoted at 99dB SPL (1W / 1m) while maximum peak SPL is 135 dB (at 1m). The larger RF-218 subwoofer measures 42” x 21.3” x 26.4” and incorporates two 18” LF transducers in a bass reflex configuration. The system offers 2kW (RMS) power handling and a nominal impedance of 4 Ohms. On-axis sensitivity is rated at 101dB SPL (1W / 1m) while maximum peak SPL measures 140dB (at 1 m). And another thing…Both models incorporate dual NL4 Speakon connectors.