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Danes snap up first SD9

DiGiCo's compact console on tour with MTV Europe Music Awards winner Medina, writes Phil Ward. Rental company Victory have the task of touring with the double platinum-scoring Dane.

The first DiGiCo SD9 digital console sale has already shipped to rental company Victory, and has immediately been deployed on tour with double platinum Danish singer Medina (pictured).

The SD9, supplied by DiGiCo’s Danish distributor SoundWare, is in the hands of monitor engineer Nils Lybaek. “I was looking for a low-cost desk with a flexible user interface and great sound, something easy to travel with and still with enough I/O for a band with seven musicians using in-ear monitors,” he says. “That’s when I found the SD9. The user interface is really flexible, with the option of being able to mix inputs, outputs, mute groups and DCA in the same bank.

“The FX sound really good, too. Working on the D1 and D5 up to now, I’ve always brought in external FX for the vocals. But the internal FX on the ‘Red Snapper’ sound really good, and this time I haven’t brought any external effects at all. And another great feature is that, using the graphic EQ, you can use all 24 faders.

“If you know the interface on the SD8, you already know the SD9. I love the size and the weight of it. The rack is really small and light, and you still have the local rack in the desk for talkback, iPods and anything else you can think of. But most of all I love the sound. It’s clear and open, and I would say it’s the best sounding desk in that price group. In a festival changeover situation, I can easily roll in the desk when other bands are playing because of its size. I’m not taking up any space at all. I’ve worked a lot on DiGiCo’s D5 Live, but I’m definitely planning on switching to the SD9 now.

“The management company is going to love the rental price; the band is going to love the sound; and I’m going to love the user interface and the way it handles. Even though it’s the cheapest DiGiCo desk so far, it’s not a compromise for me when I work with artists with a ‘normal’ rider. It’s the best choice there is.”

Victory Tour Production ApS, based in Århus and Copenhagen, provides full-service lighting, staging and sound to the Danish and North European touring and events industries. “We decided to buy the smaller desk so it fits in well with our existing inventory of SD7 and SD8,” comments Victory founder and CEO Jesper Sørensen, “and because the small footprint combined with such a high specification meets all the customer demands right now.”

Medina has sold over 130,000 singles at home and her biggest hit, Kun For Mig, is now being promoted internationally in its English version You And I. She was voted Best Danish Act at this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards in Berlin.