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D+M Holdings announces “significant improvement in profitability”

UK: The company increased market share across all regions in fiscal year ending 31 March 2010, reports David Davies.

UK: The company increased market share across all regions in fiscal year ending 31 March 2010, reports David Davies. In what the company describes as a “consolidation” of its brand portfolio, D&M is continuing its investment of resources in core brands Denon, Marantz, McIntosh and Boston Acoustics, but has discontinued Escient Vision; Escient’s technologies and R&D resources are to be assimilated within D&M’s core brands.

D&M Europe will continue to develop and market the Escient Zone CI integrated home control system, available exclusively through DMi. The ongoing focus on Zone is indicated by the recent launch of the new Zone network HD media player and DIN Rail-lighting system.

Looking ahead, DMi will provide solutions from the key D&M brands in combination with the Escient Zone control system and matching accessories for the custom installation market. Full service and support will also be provided to both installers and end-users for the installed Escient Vision base, with DMi set to issue an update regarding an extension of the platform’s current functionality in the near-future.

DMi brand director Bert Kiggen (pictured) commented: “D&M has earned itself a major position in the European CI sector via its DMi operation. With the advance of AV network and systems integration technologies, we have developed a unique and market-leading product portfolio. The continuing expansion of the power and functionality of the Zone platform, and the Denon and Marantz network enabled CI products it supports, ensures that our dealers and installers have an unparalleled offering from a single manufacturer.”

Invited to consider R&D priorities for the rest of 2010, Kiggen tells PSN-e: “Going forward, the priority will be the implementation of networking and streaming technologies across an ever-wider range of products from Denon and Marantz, and the intuitive operation of these capabilities, enabling their support within Zone. Home networking is a hot item and D&M will be at the forefront of implementing networked media management and service, both in CE products and total home solution systems.”