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d&b rolls out across Spain

d&b audiotechnik and its new Spanish partner Coupling have combined in Madrid to get the latest T-Series workshops events up and running, writes Nigel Lord

As part of its continuing programme of roadshows and seminar workshops across Spain, d&b audiotechnik’s latest T-Series events get under way in spring in Madrid, presented by Coupling, the company’s new partner in the Spanish capital.“We have eight established Partners across Spain,” explains David Rosello, who heads up the company’s Spanish office. “It’s a comprehensive network that provides strong support to our customers everywhere, but Madrid has been the trickiest piece to complete the puzzle.”Coupling will be fielding Spanish sound engineer Lolo Moldes (pictured) for the roadshows, which will be followed by a two-day seminar. “For Coupling he’s ideal,” comments Rosello. “His live engineering experience is broad, and with support from our other partners he’s quickly coming to grips with what is most important to our customers in the rental and installation sectors, and what their expectations are in terms of service and support.”Attendance applications for the events are said to be high: “It’s what we find across Spain,” concludes Rosello. “If you cover the kilometres the people will come to listen.”