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D.A.S. Audio Aero 40A

3-way line array system

What is it? A 3-way line array incorporating remote monitoring and control connectivity. Details The Aero 40A houses a rear-mounted 12” horn-loaded LF transducer and an 8” mid-range transducer/horn assembly specially developed for the Aero 40A with a phasing plug to enhance acoustic coupling between adjacent units. High frequencies are handled by two M-75N compression drivers mounted on new BPS-2912 waveguides. The high-frequency waveguide, the 8” mid-range horn unit and the 12” woofer carrier are all made from injection-moulded aluminium attached to the front of the cabinet. The Aero 40A incorporates an integrated electronics package including the digital signal processing engine and a new-developed 2kW (RMS) amplifier. The 3-channel, high-efficiency Class-D design features a switched mode power supply and comprehensive protection circuitry. Brick wall FIR filters are used to provide optimum alignment and are said to achieve highly-uniform coverage all the way down to the crossover point. High-spec AD/DA converters also offer significant improvements in dynamics, distortion and noise levels. Remote monitoring is provided via the DASnet audio management application for D.A.S. powered cabinets and processors. This is designed to provide “instant and intuitive” control over a range of parameters of a single cabinet or processor or a network of them. And another thing… Constructed from birch plywood and finished with black ISO-Flex paint, the Aero 40A uses stainless steel for grilles and major parts of the rigging system.