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Crystal Vision Tandem 3G

What is it?
A combined audio embedder or de-embedder for digital audio or Dolby E, compatible with 3G HD, HD and SD.


The Tandem 3G works with up to four audio groups and features full-channel shuffling and replace, audio delay, stereo-to-mono conversion and gain control. It offers switchable one-frame video delay and includes bi-directional digital I/O which can be configured in stereo pairs. It provides nine different combinations for embedding and de-embedding external audio and allows any audio input to be directed to any audio output. An audio delay of 80ms compensates for video processing, with each audio channel routed either directly or via the delay. Any AES audio can be modified; each mono channel offers individual gain control and stereo-to-mono conversion. The Tandem 3G uses RM47 and RM49 frame rear modules to access inputs and outputs; control options include board edge, front and remote panels, SNMP and PC software.