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Crown DriveCore Install

DriveCore amp range

What is it? A range of analogue stereo and multi-channel amplifiers incorporating DriveCore technology. Details Successors to the CT amplifier range, the twelve models in the DriveCore Install (DCi) Series offer outputs from 300W to 600W. All occupy 2U of rack space and incorporate the DriveCore amplifier IC chip which combines the amplifier driver stage into the power output stage along with additional audio-signal functions. DriveCore and the DCi Series amplifier topologies are designed to dramatically reduce size and power consumption requirements while improving energy efficiency. DCi Series amplifiers can be operated into 2, 4 and 8 ohm loads and offer direct drive constant voltage capabilities for 70Vrms and 100Vrms distributed audio systems without the need for a step-up transformer. All models incorporate a power factor-corrected global power supply designed to deliver maximum power in any country; the universal AC input accepts voltages from 100V – 240V AC, 50/60Hz (+/- 10%). In addition to balanced 3-pin input connectors and 2-pin terminal strip output connectors, a rear-panel AUX port offers integration with control systems for remote on/off and amplifier fault monitoring. And another thing… DCi amplifiers incorporate a selectable auto-standby mode which powers them down after 30 minutes of no input signal to consume less than 1W of power.