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Crown Audio XLi Series

Stereo amp range

What is it?A range of power amplifiers for musicians, DJs and entertainers as well as installed applications in houses of worship, discos and clubs.DetailsThe four models currently in the series are the XLi800, XLi1500, XLi2500 and XLi-3500 – all identical except for output power. This ranges from 300W (@ 4 ohms) for the Xli800 up to 1.35kW (@ 4 ohms) for the Xli3500 in stereo operation. Bridged mono mode operation (@ 8 ohms) sees a doubling of the output power on all four models. Frequency response is virtually flat across a 20Hz – 20kHz range with THD quoted at 0.5% and signal-to-noise ratio at >100dB. Features include RCA and XLR inputs, user-selectable input sensitivity of 0.755V or 1.4V, Speakon and binding post outputs plus forced-air cooling. The front panels include Power, Fault, Signal Presence and Clip indicators plus dual level controls, power switch and power on LED. The design also offers built-in protection against shorts, no-load, on/off thumps and radio-frequency interference.And another thing…All Xli amplifiers are housed in standard 2U rack enclosures varying in weight between 11.4 kg and 19.5 kg.