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Crestron AMP Series

Energy-efficient power amps

What is it?A range of high-power, energy-efficient amplifiers designed to meet ‘Energy Star’ certification requirements. DetailsDesigned for a wide variety of commercial environments, AMP series amplifiers are said to combine a high-efficiency topology with low-noise, low-distortion performance and greater headroom for powering larger rooms. Channel selectable for either 70V or 100V operation, the amps can be used in both the US and internationally and include an automatic power-down mode which shuts them off after 30 minutes without signals. This is combined with an auto power-on function which instantly turns the amps back on when a signal is detected. With four models to choose from, the AMP Series provides a range of design and power options. Less than 11” deep, the AMP-2210S and AMP-3210S offer a choice of two or three channels to drive both 4 and 8 ohm speakers at 120W and 210W, respectively. The 15” deep AMP-2210T and AMP-3210T models offer two or three channels at 210W into 4 ohms, 120W into 8 ohms or 120W at 70/100V. Each channel is selectable for 4 or 8 ohm loads and isolated 70V or 100V operation, to deliver any combination of power requirements. A fifth model – the AMP-2210HT – will offer 210W output at 70V for higher powered applications.