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Crest Audio CLh Series

Lightweight power amps

What is it?A pair of power amplifiers intended for the contracting and installation markets. DetailsThe Crest Audio CLh 5000 and CLh 2500 are described as ultra-high efficiency, servo-controlled, class-D amplifiers delivering high power through two channels to balanced outputs and said to offer “the ultimate in common-mode noise cancellation”. At only 13lbs, the design combines reduced weight while increased output power, reliability and thermal efficiency. The CLh 5000 produces 2.5kW per channel (RMS) at 70.7V, while the CLh 2500 delivers 1.25kW per channel (RMS) at 70.7 volts.Both models feature Crest Audio’s proprietary ACL (Active Clip Limiting) circuitry which automatically reduces gain at the onset of clipping to prevent amplifier and load damage. Over-current and DC voltage protection is provided, together with channel active and temperature warning LEDs. Additional features include a lightweight switch-mode power supply, remote turn-on, sequential turn-on and a switchable, built-in, low-cut filter. And another thing…Crest is also making available 100V export models – designated CLh5000C and CLh2500C.