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Community M-Class Monitors

Stage monitors

What is it?A pair of stage monitor additions to Community’s M-Class Series enclosures suitable for live performance, theatre and houses of worship. DetailsHandling 300W and 500W (program) respectively, the 8” MX8 and 10” MX10 incorporate Community’s proprietary co-axial driver units designed to ensure that all of the sound emanates from a single point source. The Tru-Phase conical high-frequency waveguide is said to eliminate transition anomalies, resulting in an exceptionally smooth phase and frequency response performance with reduced feedback, improved intelligibility and uniform coverage. Designed to complement Community’s front-of-house systems including ENTASYS, VERIS, iBOX and the Solutions Series, the monitors are suitable for both single performers who often move off-axis and for group performers such as theatre acts and choirs. The MX8 and MX10 incorporate “precision engineered” internal crossovers to eliminate the need for bi-amplification along with Carbon Ring Cone Technology designed to increase the effective cone area for enhanced performance and reliability. Dyna-Tech multi-stage limiter circuits also protect against damage from over-driving. Available in black or white paint finish, the compact, lightweight enclosures are a curved design with a single rear Ergo-Grip handle making them suitable for portable applications. Alternatively, optional yoke mounting brackets can be used to flush mount the monitors tightly against a wall or ceiling.