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Cologne anti-racism festival deploys JBL VTX

First organised in 1992 to stand against racism, the Arsch Huh music festival celebrated its 20th anniversary with sound courtesy of a JBL VTX Series line array supplied by Sirius Showequipment AG.

Cologne’s Arsch Huh music festival celebrated its 20th anniversary of standing up against racism this year, deploying a JBL VTX Series line array for the event. Over 85,000 people went to see more than 25 bands including BAP, Bläck Fööss, Brings, Tommy Engel and other notable German artists. Sirius Showequipment AG provided the concert’s sound reinforcement. “We were one of Europe’s first users of the JBL VTX Series and knew from previous experience that they are remarkably clear and powerful, especially for their size and they would be ideal for this big outdoor festival event,” said Wolfgang “Schabbach” Neumann of Sirius. For the main PA the company deployed two left and right towers with 15 VTX V25 full-size line array elements and eight S28 subwoofers per side. In addition, several delay towers were set up, with the main (first delay line) towers each containing seven V25 line array elements. “We had more than 25 bands and artists going on and off the stage and a number of different front of house engineers using this VTX-based system for the very first time,” Neumann said. “Some of them performed only two or three songs. As a result there was not much time to get the sound right for each act. We also had the added pressure of knowing that the entire 5 1/2-hour show was being broadcast live on German television.” “However, using the new JBL VTX Series is easily explained,” Neumann continued. “You switch it on, you power up your desk, you push the faders up and the sound is already there, sounding really great right from the start.”