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Coles 4104

What is it?
A commentator’s ribbon microphone built to an original BBC design and also used by broadcasters such as IBA, CBS and ABC.

The noise-cancelling design of the 4104 makes it suitable for high-quality commentary applications in inherently noisy environments where it offers better than 30dB discrimination between voice and background noise. The mic’ is not unduly affected by wind noise and can be used in air stream velocities up to 20mph without affecting speech quality (40mph with the windshield attachment in place). Polar response is effectively bi-directional, allowing a second commentator to work side by side without interference from cross talk. Frequency response is quoted as flat between 60Hz to 12kHz at a sensitivity of -50dB at 1V/Pa. The low-mass corrugated aluminium ribbon is damped to control transient response and protected by fine woven nylon gauze. The body of the mic’ is finished in brown enamel paint and incorporates a PVC handle and an optional press-to-talk button. It’s supplied in a foam-lined, rigid plastic carrying case and is available with hygienic washable plastic screens, packed in tens.