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Cerwin-Vega! P Series

Portable active speakers

What is it?A pair of portable, active speaker enclosures for live sound and PA applications.DetailsThe P1500X is a two-way, bi-amped, full-range bass-reflex speaker housing a 15” low-frequency driver, a high-frequency compression unit and a Class-D amplifier rated at 1.5kW. A proprietary hemi-conical horn is said to offer improved sound clarity over a wide, even coverage area while the built-in mixer boasts convenient I/O connections for “simple and fast setup”. The design features enhanced EQ, ‘Vega Bass’ boost and high-pass filters design to deliver precise tuning and exceptional performance in any application. The P1500X can be used as a single speaker for small venues, set in pairs or installed in larger venues needing greater coverage and increased SPL (using threaded hanging points). It can also be used as a floor monitor.The P1800SX provides low-frequency extension for P Series enclosures, combining an 18” woofer and custom 2kW Class-D amplifier in a multi-ply hardwood cabinet said to deliver superior “punch” at extreme low frequencies. Like the P1500X, the P1800SX incorporates frequency-shaping controls and offers enhanced ‘Vega Bass’ boost to provide the required low-frequency energy for each venue. It also features Thru, Mix and Link outputs allow for system expandability and fast daisy-chaining between components.And another thing…Though designed for use with the P1500X, the P1800SX can also be used for low frequency extension with other Cerwin Vega! tops or even other brands.