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Celestion AN3510

Line array driver

What is it?A full-range, line array driver. DetailsThe AN3510 is one of three new Celestion drivers designed for use with compact line array enclosures, particularly for discreet, low-profile sound reinforcement applications. It incorporates an efficient neodymium magnet assembly and features a light aluminium cone said to remain rigid at higher frequencies in order to ensure a smoother response. Design around a lightweight, glass-reinforced ABS chassis, the driver is designed for maximum free air movement, with a square mounting frame to facilitate close coupling of multiple units. The 3.5”/88mm driver offers 35W power handling and 86dB sensitivity across a frequency range of 125Hz to 20kHz. The unit has been designed and optimised using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques said to offer a wider dispersion characteristic than conventional loudspeakers of this size. According to Celestion, the new drivers allow sound reinforcement system designers to build into products some of the principal advantages offered by line array designs, including more even distribution of acoustic signals and the ability to project sound over greater distances.