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Cash tribute locked up with K&F

Kling & Freitag loudspeakers were chosen for a recent Johnny Cash Experience Band concert in a German prison, writes David Davies.

Kling & Freitag’s GRAVIS 12 and NOMOS LS loudspeakers were recently deployed for a special Johnny Cash Experience Band concert held at Duisborg Hamborn prison in Germany. 

The fruition of a long-held dream by the US country singer to perform in a custodial facility, At Folsom Prison revitalised Cash’s career after a long period in the doldrums upon its release in 1968. For its Duisburg Hamborn concert, the Johnny Cash Experience Band reprised the Folsom set-list, which combined Cash originals such as Send a Picture of Mother, with classic covers including Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart. 
 Rogge & Derks Veranstaltungstechnik provided audio for the event. Only one three-pin power socket was available: a situation that posed no problems for the Kling & Freitag GRAVIS 12 and NOMOS LS systems, where top and bass could be operated passively by the means of the K&F SystemRack on only one channel. As a result, the PA system employed only two of the four channels of a SystemRack. The two remaining channels were assigned to SCENA 15 monitors, also from K&F.
 “The whole set-up was operated on only one three-pin power socket; extremely simple and with excellent performance,” commented Oliver Derks from Rogge & Derks